Electric Vehicle Charge

SemaConnect Electric Charging Station

Located on the bottom floor of the parking garage of One and Two Urban Centre.

Energy fee: $0.25/kwh until the battery is full
First 4 hours: $0.00/hour
After 4 hours: $10.00/hour + energy fee if applicable
This pricing plan is detailed on the station location page in the SemaConnect platform. 

Please refer to the details below for frequently asked questions or visit the website, HERE.

How to Charge

Do I need a SemaConnect account to initiate a charging session?
No. SemaConnect is a truly open network of electric vehicle charging stations. We don’t believe you need to be “in the club” to charge at any of our publicly accessible stations, so we offer the most ways to start a charging session in the industry!
To start a charging session with SemaConnect you can:
  • Use your SemaConnect Pass
  • Start a charging session through the SemaConnect App, available for iPhone and Android
  • Start a charging session through the PlugShare App
  • Call 1-800-663-5633 and press “9” to start a charging session by phone

SemaConnect Account

What is a SemaConnect Account?
With a SemaConnect account, you can:
  • Find and access charging stations
  • Have a convenient location to initiate and pay for your electric vehicle charging sessions
  • Receive email, text, and push notifications to check station and charging status
  • View your charging sustainability and usage stats
  • Join a waitlist
How do I get a SemaConnect Account?
To sign up for a SemaConnect Account, visit https://network.semaconnect.com/ and click the green Register button. Fill out the required information, make sure you check the button to agree to SemaConnect’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then click the green Create My Account button. You will then receive a verification email from SemaConnect confirming your new account. Click the link to continue with account activation. You can also save a credit or debit card, receive notifications, request a SemaConnect Network Pass, or request access to a private station.

Do I have to associate a payment with my SemaConnect Account? / How much does a SemaConnect Account cost?
A SemaConnect account is free to have, and you do not have to associate a payment with your SemaConnect account. However, please be advised that if you choose not to add a credit/debit card, you will only be able to charge your vehicle at free public SemaConnect stations until you associate payment. If you try to charge at any station with a fee structure, including stations with a free charging period that switches to a fee after a certain amount of time, access will be denied.
If you do associate a credit or debit card with your account, your card will be charged an initial $10. If you change your card in our system, your card will be charged $1 in order to verify your payment and add it to your account. This $1 will go into your SemaConnect Account balance.

How does the Account Replenishment Process work?
A SemaConnect account is free to have; however, if you choose to associate a payment with your account, your credit or debit card will be charged an initial $10.00. This money is not a charge by SemaConnect, but rather it is what turns your SemaConnect account into a debit system for charging your electric vehicle and will be utilized to pay for your charging sessions with money being deducted based on the pricing structure of your charging location. When your initial $10.00 is depleted, your associated card will automatically be charged $20.00 to replenish your account. $20.00 is the minimum replenishment amount, but you can choose to replenish your card in increments up to $200.00.
For more information on the account replenishment process, watch this video on how the account replenishment process works.

Will my SemaConnect account work at other brands of electric vehicle charging stations?
Your SemaConnect account currently allows access to the SemaConnect electric vehicle charging stations. The pass or other ways SemaConnect provides to initiate a charging session will not initiate a charge with other products.  Likewise, fobs or cards assigned by other manufacturers will not activate a SemaConnect charging station.

For more information,
visit the website, HERE.